Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic
Cape Elizebeth, ME, February 4 Results
Chris Harmon 1st Place Overall
Judson Cake 3rd Place – 1st Place Master – New Master’s Course Record
David Kerschner 4th Place Overall
Thomas Pore 5th Place Overall
Julian Gazzelloni 1st Place 25-29
Erik Knickerbocker 2nd Place 40-44
Joe Satterfield 3rd Place 40-44
Jeff Jones 1st Place 45-49
Peter Burke 1st Place 50-54
Peter Barrett 1st Place 55-59
Dan Dearing 2nd Place 55-59
Marty Clark 3rd Place 55-59

Jessica Van Binsbergen 2nd Place Female Overall
Christine Hein 3rd Place Female Overall
Eileen Brandes 5th Place Female Overall
Sarah Baker 3rd Place 25-29
Michele Cook 2nd Place 40-44
Carry Buterbaugh 2nd Place 45-49


Robert Burns 10K
Westbrook, ME, January 28 Results
Chris Harmon 2nd Place Overall
Julian Gazzelloni 1st 20-29
Erik Knickerbocker 1st 40-49
Peter Burke 1st 50-59
Jessica Van Binsbergen 2nd Place Female Overall
Gretchen Speed 3rd :Place Female Overall

2018 USARF East Region and New England
Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships
Providence  Career and Technical Academy,
Providence RI, January 28 Results

Marie Beckum 1st 30-34 Female 3000m and 3rd 800m
Thomas Beckum 2nd 40-44 3000m – 3rd  800m
Charles Kaufmann 1st 5K 60-64

Masters Rankings: https://www.mastersrankings.com/rankings/
Thomas Beckum 1st 5K, 3rd 3K, 4th 800m 40-44
Charles Kaufman 1st 5K 60-64

2018 BU John Thomas Terrier Classic
Boston University, Boston, MA January 27  Results

Wins Mile Heat: 4:14.82

Matt Jacobson – Wins Mile Heat
Photo by Kevin Morris








Indoor Insanity 5K – January 21, 2018 Results
Thomas Beckum 2nd Place Overall
Bill Mariski 4th Place Overall

39th Annual January Thaw Road Race
Belgrade, ME, January 21 Results
Jeff Jones 1st Place Overall
Matt Sawyer 2nd Place Overall

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