On the Run Half Marathon
Old Orchard Beach, ME, March 23rd
Mary Pardi 2nd Place Female Overall
Denise Curry 1st Place Female 50-59

42nd Annual New Bedford Half Marathon
New Bedford, MA, March 17th
Shiloh Schulte 4th Place 40-49
Adam Goode
Jeff Jones 6th Place 40-49
James Boeding
Robb Ashby 2nd Place 50-59
Andy Spaulding

Irish Road Rover 5K
Portland, ME, March 3
Dirigo RC 1st Place Overall
Jesse Orach 2nd Place Overall
Stan Berkow 2nd Place 25-29
Jeff Jones 1st Place 45-49
Andy Spaulding 2nd Place 45-49
Nate Priest 1st Place 35-39
Christina Berkow 1st Place Female Overall
Marah Borgman 2nd Place Female Overall
Peter Burke 1st Place 50-54
Scott Brown 1st Place 60-64
Michael Gordon 1st Place 55-59

6th Annual Lamoine Half Marathon
Lamoine, ME, March 2
Judson Cake 1st Place Overall
Ken Akiah 2nd Place Overall
Erik Knickerbocker 3rd Place Overall

Keep ME Warm 5k
Ellsworth, ME, February 24
Judson Cake 1st Place Overall

Indoor Track & Field Championships
2019 USA-Maine Association

New Balance Field House, Orono, ME Results
Thomas Beckum 40-45 1st in 3000m, 200m and Long Jump
Marie Beckum 30-35 1st 1500m & 1000m

Sprouts Mesa-Phoenix Marathon
Phoenix, Arizona February 9
Rob Ashby 1st Place 50-54
Ben Decker 3rd Place 19-24
Byrne Decker 2nd Place 50-54
Andy Spaulding 4th Place 45-49

Mid-Winter 10 Mile Classic
Cape Elizabeth, ME February 3
Michael Gordon 1st Place overall
Chris Harmon 1st Place 30-34
Sam Seekins 1st Place 25-29
Shiloh Schulte 2nd Place 40-44
Judson Cake 3rd Place 40-44
Ken Akiha 4th Place 30-34
Ryan Collins 5th Place 30-34
Ryan Jara 6th Place 30-34
Chris Dunn 2nd Place 20-24
Julian Gazzelloni 4th Place 25-29
Erik Knickerbocker 6th Place 40-44
John Pasch 2nd 45-49
Lila Gaudrault 1st Place Female 19 & Under
Gretchen Speed 1st Place Female 35-39
Elizabeth Handschy 2nd Place Female 25-29
Peter Barrett 1st Place 55-59
Kalie Dunn 4th Place Female 30-34
Dick Graves 1st Place 60-64
Mary Pardi 2nd Place Female 45-49
David Weatherbie 6th Place 50-54
Denise Curry 2nd Place Female 50-54
Laurie Nicholas 3rd Place Female 50-54
Michael Gordon 10th Place 55-59

USATF New England and East Region Indoor Masters Track & Field Championships, January 27 Results
Thomas Beckum, 5000 meters 2nd, 3000 meters 1st, Long Jump 3rd, 200 Meters 3rd and 800 Meters 5th 40-44 age group
Michael Dunlop, 5,000 meters, 1st place 45-49 age group achied All American status, ranked 3rd in US
Michael Dunlop, 3,000 meters, 2nd place, 45-49 age group achied All American status, Ranked 3rd in US
Charles Kaufmann 60 meters 5th, 200 meters 5th and 2nd 800 meters 60-64 age group, Ranked 10th US in 800 meters

Robert Burns 10k 
Westbrook, ME January 27Results
Jesse Orach 3rd Place Overall
Joe Reynolds 1st Place 30-39
Chris Harmon 2nd Place 30-39
Andy Spaulding 1st Place 40-49
Michelle Lilienthal 1st Place Female Overall

2019 Bradbury Squall Snowshoe Race
Bradbury Mountain January 13 Results
Joe Reynolds 3rd Place Overall

Michael Dunlop

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