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Dirigo RC
2017 Membership Guide (Updated 3/4/2017)

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Dirigo RC is a Maine-based running club founded in 2002 for the purpose of establishing a competitive Maine racing team, fostering excellence in personal achievement, and providing competitive Maine runners opportunities to train and race together. The Club promotes and encourages commitment to competitive running, teamwork, and the highest standards of sportsmanship.

Membership Guidelines

The Club’s membership is open to all runners who:

1. Reside in Maine or have a strong Maine connection
2. Are committed to serious training and competition
3. Are recommended by a current Dirigo member
4. Meet minimum performance standards. Eligibility is based on the athlete’s best age-graded performance over the past 12 months. The individual must have a race that falls above a rating of 75 out of 100. To determine the age-graded standard of your recent races use the link below.

Age Graded Calculator


Current Dirigo members are encouraged to recruit new prospects who meet the criteria above. Prospects should be referred by email to the club president, membership coordinator, email distribution list manager, treasurer and uniform manager (men’s or women’s). Please refer to the end of this guide for a list of these individuals and their contact information.

Dirigo RC Sponsorship

Sponsorship will generously be provided once again by Fleet Feet Maine Running (FFMR). FFMR has two stores located in Portland, ME and Brunswick, ME. Additional information about FFMR can be found online at

Sponsorship of Dirigo Members by Other Organizations

Some members of Dirigo RC may receive sponsorship from organizations other than Nike or FFMR. As a result these individuals cannot wear the standard Nike issued Dirigo uniform. In order to compete with Dirigo, these individuals must have Dirigo RC and FFMR’s logo screen printed on their own personal singlet. To ensure consistency of the Dirigo RC brand and fulfill obligations to our sponsor(s), the Dirigo RC Board of Directors must approve the uniforms of any externally sponsored members.

Organizational Matters

Dirigo RC has been established as a legal, non-profit entity. The Club is registered as a member of the USATF New England Association (team number 02-225) so that it can compete in USATF New England races including Grand Prix Road, Track and XC races. This also included USATF Junior National events. The Club is NOT a member of USATF Maine Association since we cannot be registered with both the New England and Maine associations. However, members are generally eligible to participate in USATF Maine races. Copies of our Articles of Organization are available upon request.

Team Leadership

Dirigo RC’s Board of Directors includes the following members:

• Sam Seekins (President) –
• Nate Priest (Vice President) –
• Jorma Kurry (Treasurer) –
• Chris Harmon –
• Adam Goode –
• Bill Mariski –
• Claton Conrad –
• Erin Chalat –
• Spencer McElwain –

Andy Spaulding and Ethan Hemphill serve as advisors to the board.

Dirigo has established several positions in order to assist in conducting club business. These positions include:

• Men’s Uniform Manager – Chris Harmon –
• Women’s Uniform Manager & Membership Coordinator – Mary Pardi –
• Gear Coordinator – Denise Curry –
• Email DL Manager – Blaine Moore –
• Race Coordinator – Scott Brown –
• Website Manager – Dan Dearing –
• Fundraising Coordinator – Andy Spaulding –

All members are encouraged to assist the Club by working with one or more of these individuals. These individuals and their contact information are listed on the last page of this guide.

Annual Dues

Annual club dues for 2017 are $35.00 for adult members and $15.00 for youth members (high school and collegiate athletes). Membership dues are used to pay for USATF team registrations and other direct team costs. Any excess funds may be used for entry and travel money for team races, uniforms, or team social gatherings. Ideas and requests for use of funds should be directed to any board member. Members must have paid their annual dues in order to be active members of the Club and to participate in the Nike Retail Race Program. The Board reserves the right to waive dues and/or provide other incentives on a case-by-case basis for students, elite athletes, and individuals in other special circumstances.

Nike Retail Race Program

Any active team member can purchase Nike running shoes and apparel through the Nike Retail Race Program. Throughout the year, you will receive an email with a PDF document showing the designated apparel and shoe styles available for purchase. You will need to fill out an order form and we will confirm all orders and let you know when gear arrives at FFMR.

• Be certain to order the correct sizes as FFMR is unable to handle any returns or exchanges.
• The intent of the Nike Retail Race Program is to support only Dirigo RC members. Order only for yourself.

Team Uniforms

All dues-paying members will receive a team singlet. Members are expected to wear their singlets in all races to demonstrate support for the team and our sponsor. However, if a member also participates in a high school or college program, the jersey takes precedence in any school related events. The Board will notify members when it adds or creates new elements for the team uniforms.

Distribution of Prize Money

Prize money for team races will be distributed directly to all members of the team that participate in that race (scoring and non-scoring participants). Race winnings will be specific to team categories. For example, women’s team winnings will be divided among participating women runners, master team winnings will be divided among masters team runners, and open team winnings will be divided among open team runners. Master runners will earn a share in open team winnings only if they score (or displace) for the open team. Runners will retain any prizes they win as individuals. Members that are also part of high school or collegiate programs are not eligible for prize money distribution.

Travel Incentives

For 2017 the out-of-state travel incentive cap is $3,000 and is focused on fostering Dirigo RC participation at USATF New England events, USATF National events, and other high profile out-of-state events approved in advance as eligible for the Travel Incentive Program by the Dirigo RC Board. The cap may be increased later in the year if funds allow. Please check with the treasurer on the availability of funds.

Travel Incentives are given to members for competing in USATF New England Grand Prix events. Travel Incentives are calculated at the end of the calendar year. New England Grand Prix races are paid out as follows:

• Road events are paid out at $30 per race.
• The entire XC series is paid out at $30 if the racer competes in two or more events. The New England Championships can count as one of those two races. The New England Championship also earns the racer $30 by itself, unless it has been selected as one of the bonus races for the year (in which case it will award more).
• The entire Trail series is paid out at $30 if the racer competes in two or more events. The Trail Championships can count as one of those two races. The Trail Championship also earns the racer $30 by itself.

Travel Incentive for USATF National Events
Dirigo RC members will receive $50 for participating in a USATF National Championship (Road, Track or XC) regardless of whether Dirigo fields a complete scoring team. This replaces the “normal” travel incentives described above.

Wearing a Dirigo singlet during the competition and being registered for the competition as a member of Dirigo RC are required in order to receive any Travel Incentive.

Performance Incentives

These incentives apply to all dues paying members. The combined cap for Performance Incentives and FFMR Participation Incentives is $1,500. The performance level will be determined at the end of the calendar year based on the individual’s top 3 performances. Qualifying races may be run anywhere and on any surface provided the course is certified and meets the “straight face test” (the course is not extremely downhill or times are not significantly aided in some other way).

• • • •

• • • •

Age/Gender Graded
• 1st Place: 3 shares of the total Performance Incentive pool
• 2nd Place: 2 shares of the total Performance Incentive pool
• 3rd Place: 1 share of the total Performance Incentive pool

Running Calculators
Equivalency Calculator:
Age Grade Calculator:

FFMR Participation Incentives

These incentives are paid the Performance Incentive pool. Any member that participates in at least five of the FFMR Sponsored Events while wearing a Dirigo singlet will receive one share of the total Performance Incentive pool, regardless of finish time. In the event that no member meets the standard, then on share will be awarded to the member that participates in the MOST FFMR Sponsored Events while wearing a Dirigo singlet.

Additionally, any member that participates in at least one of the USATF New England Grand Prix Events while wearing a Dirigo singlet will receive one share of the total performance incentive pool, regardless of finish time or team placement.

These incentives apply to all dues paying members. An individual can earn a maximum of two Performance Incentive shares per calendar year (one for FFMR races and one for USATF New England Grand Prix races).

Bonus Race Incentives

In 2017 Dirigo will provide increased travel incentives for two races from our KTR list. These two races are selected by the Dirigo Board at the first team meeting of the year. Dirigo will provide $40 in Travel Incentives to all members who compete in the bonus races. Additionally, the top 5 men and the top 5 women finishers from Dirigo will receive an additional $60 bringing their total incentives to $100.

2017 Bonus Races
• New Bedford Half Marathon (Sunday, 3/19/2017)
• New England XC Championships (Sunday, 11/5/2017)

Subsidized USATF Registrations

Members for USATF should email the club treasurer their current USATF number. The cost of the registration will then be applied as credit to the individual’s Dirigo account.

Dirigo RC Key Team Races

One of the club’s primary goals is to field the most competitive teams possible in New England Grand Prix events and other key Maine races. Below is the official list of Dirigo RC Key Team Races (KTRs). Please make every effort to participate in these races.

This list can be found online here: 2017 Dirigo Key Team Races

Dirigo members are highly encouraged to participate in our KTRs listed above. Please share your intent to race with the Race Coordinator (Scott Brown), sign up on our KTR Google Doc and register for the race as part of Dirigo RC. Please note that many of the New England Grand Prix races have a “team” sign-up component. Please contact Scott Brown with questions.

USATF New England Grand Prix Series

The following sections list the USATF New England Grand Prix races in the road, XC and trail circuits. Each of these races earn Dirigo members a travel incentive.


• Sun, 2/26/2017 – Amherst 10 Miler – Amherst, MA
• Sun, 3/19/2017 – New Bedford Marathon & ½ Marathon – New Bedford, MA
• Sat, 4/1/2017 – Frank Nealon Boston Tuneup 15k – Upton, MA
• Sun, 6/18/2017 – St. Joseph Healthcare Ribfest 5 Miler – Merrimack, NH
• Sun, 9/17/2017 – Downtown 5k – Providence, RI
• Sun, 9/24/2017 – Lone Gull 10k – Gloucester, MA
• Sun, 10/22/2017 – Bay State Marathon – Lowell, MA


• Sat, 9/23/2017 – Codfish Bowl – Boston, MA
• Sun, 10/8/2017 – Wayland XC Festival – Wayland, MA
• Sun, 10/22/2017 – Boston Mayor’s Cup – Boston, MA
• Sun, 11/5/2017 – New England XC Championships – Boston, MA


• Sun, 4/30/2017 – Sleep Hollow Mt. Race – Huntington, VT
• Sun, 5/14/2017 (tentative) – Pack Monadnock – Jaffrey, NH
• Sat, 5/27/2017 – Wachusett Mountain – Princeton, MA
• Sat, 6/3/2017 – Cranmore Mountain Race (USA Mountain Champs) – North Conway, NH
• Sun, 7/2/2017 – Loon Mountain Race – Lincoln, NH
• Sun, 9/3/2017 – Mt. Greylock Road Race – North Adams, MA
• Sat/Sun, 9/30/2017-10/1/2017 – Bretton Woods Fell Race – Bretton Woods, NH

FFMR Sponsored Events

[List to be added]